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Dumb Phones

Dumb Phones – A smart choice

What do you really need from your phone? Could you do without all these unnecessary apps your phone is filled with? If you have ever thought to ask the question, then this is the perfect website for you.

Are you looking for a new phone but don’t want to spent that much money? Here is the solution: a dumb phone! We’re sure you are familiar with the way phones used to be – A device to make calls, send texts and fulfill other small needs. A dumb phone is basically just like an old mobile phone – All of the basics and not much more!

Keeping up with the crowd comes at a cost

Over time, smartphones have become so over-engineered; The increasing number of apps means that smartphones have to keep up with today’s demand for ever-increasing performance and functionality. Unfortunately, this means that battery life cannot keep up and most people need to charge their phone overnight. In addition to this, millions upon millions of people are queuing up to get the latest smartphone which ends up adding to landfill and reducing their bank account just so they can be part of the ongoing craze.

Dumb phones and mental health

Studies show that we have become more and more hooked on our smartphones than ever before. We are like slaves to our devices – Always waiting for that next notification. Medical research has revealed that many of us are addicted to our smartphones, likening this to a drug addiction. That subconscious stimulation we get when receiving notifications from our devices can result in a burst of┬ádopamine levels and can lead us to becoming more and more dependent on our smartphones. Ironically, spending more time on social media has made us less social beings, more anxious than ever before in social settings.

Make the change

Take back control of your own life by investing in a dumb phone. Some more benefits:

  • Price: Like mentioned before, dumb phones are much cheaper than most of the other smartphones. You will soon ask yourself why you ever bothered spending all that money keeping up with the joneses.
  • Battery: Today the battery of our smartphones might just last a day, or even half a day. Of course, the batteries of dumb phones aren’t better, but in contrast to new Smartphones, you could use your dumb phone for at least a few days without charging. The only reason for this is that a dumb phone doesn’t have hundreds of background processes running all the time.
  • Size: Over the years, smartphones have gotten bigger and bigger. Therefore it is getting harder and harder to put your phone in your pocket. For some phones nowadays you would need a bag to carry them. Your dumb phone will fit in any pocket, and you can also check out our credit-card sizes and slim phones.
  • Shock resistance: dumb phones can easily handle the heat and the cold. Furthermore they aren’t as fragile as smartphones, for which reason you don’t have to worry about your display anymore. No more worrying about repairing your screen at the drop of a hat (or phone).
  • Independence: you can just enjoy the beautiful world around you without any interruptions like taking pictures and loading them up on social media platforms like instagram etc. You have enough routines, appointments and deadlines in life – Why should you have to be chained to your device constantly notifying you from every app?

There are many more benefits to owning a dumb phone than we can describe in a few short paragraphs. Buy one today and be the boss of your time once again.